Property Listings for our Short Term Rentals in New Jersey

Below is a complete list of our furnished apartments. For current availability, please call (800) 213-2550 or visit to our twitter page by following the link below.


If you don’t see the town you are looking for, please call for more information—one of our properties may be right nearby. Click on each unit to view a more detailed description and photographs of the exterior, interior and floor plan.

Please inquire about any current promotions.

Apartment Name# of Bedrooms# of BathroomsMonthly PriceDaily PriceApartment Type
Bedminster – 3022$3,360$112Condo
Bridgewater – 1832$3,360$112Apartment
Bridgewater – 2032$3,360$112Apartment
Bridgewater – 2221.5$3,060$102Apartment
Bridgewater – 2621.5$3,150$105Apartment
Bridgewater – 270611$2,580$86Apartment
Bridgewater – 3232$3,270$109Apartment
Bridgewater – 932$3,360$112Apartment
Bridgewater – 9432$3,360$112Apartment
East Brunswick – 1142$4,200$140Townhouse
East Brunswick – 16411$2,700$90Condo
East Brunswick – 2011$2,610$87Condo
East Brunswick – 5942$4,500$150Single Family
East Brunswick – 8311$2,610$87Condo
East Brunswick – 8852$4,500$150Single Family
Edison – 19131$3,900$130Single Family
Edison – 245542$4,500$150Single Family
Franklin Park – 19722$3,180$106Condo
Franklin Park – 71322$3,540$118Apartment
Hillsborough – 1911$2,580$86Condo
North Brunswick – 11A21.5$2,970$99Apartment
North Brunswick – 121211$2,700$90Condo
North Brunswick – 122111$2,700$90Condo
North Brunswick – 27K21.5$3,270$109Apartment
North Brunswick – 40421$2,880$96Condo
North Brunswick – 43032.5$3,750$125Duplex
North Brunswick – 60811$2,700$90Condo
Parlin – 10442.5$4,500$150Single Family
Piscataway – 14732.5$3,600$120Townhouse
Piscataway – 26022$3,180$106Condo
Piscataway – 31122$3,180$106Condo
Piscataway – 39522$3,180$106Condo
Piscataway – 422.5$3,480$116Townhouse
Piscataway – 48132.5$3,600$120Townhouse
Piscataway – 50122.5$3,330$111Townhouse
Somerset – 5622$3,150$105Condo
South Brunswick – 130122.5$3,510Townhouse
South Brunswick – 336111$2,700Condo
South Plainfield – 63121$3,120$104Apartment
South Plainfield – 71311$2,700$90Apartment
South Plainfield – 72121$3,120$104Apartment
South Plainfield – 72411$2,700$90Apartment
Woodbridge – 140922$3,540$118Apartment
Woodbridge – 40421$2,970$99Condo
Woodbridge – 60522$3,540$118Apartment
Woodbridge – 80122$3,330$111Apartment
Woodbridge – 80321.5$3,330$111Apartment