Policies and Fees at our Furnished Rentals in New Jersey

How much does it cost to reserve an apartment?
  • Application Fee – $45
  • Holding fee/security deposit – $1000
  • Additional Security for stays over 3 months, up to 1 month rent required


How much is the initial cleaning/setup fee?
  • This is a prepaid fee that is charged for professional cleaning services to come in at the end or your stay and for the apartment to be set up for the next guest.
  • This fee is mandatory and is the same price regardless of the length of stay.
  • This fee does not cover any professional carpet cleaning that is required for stays with pets or if stains/dirt/odors are found above and beyond a normal vacuuming.
  • 1 Bedroom – $160
  • 2 Bedrooms – $180
  • 3 Bedrooms – $200
  • 4 – 5 Bedrooms – $220
  • For clients who stay over 3 months, a mandatory quarterly cleaning service is required at least once per quarter and is billed at the monthly price (see maid services below).
What is included in the rental price?
  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • $100/month allowance for utilities (gas/electric/water)
  • All furnishings, cookware and linens
  • All taxes


What is the cancellation/early termination policy?
  • Guests will receive a refund of their holding fee minus a $100 administration fee if they cancel a reservation within 48 hours of booking an apartment, as long as their check in is at least 7 days away.
  • After the check-in date, 30 days written notice to vacate is required. If a tenant wishes to move out prior to this 30 days, they can submit a request in writing and NJSTR will make every effort to find a replacement tenant to take over the remaining days.  The tenant is responsible for rent for any days where a replacement tenant is NOT found.
  • The application fee is forfeited with any cancellation.


Are there any additional charges for pets?
  • $500 partially refundable deposit based on amount of additional cleaning required (carpet cleaning is mandatory)
  • Large and/or multiple pets may require an additional deposit.
  • $25/month fee per pet at Piscataway and Franklin Park complexes
  • Some complexes have size/breed restrictions and some require registration and other documentation for the pet. Please inquire with the NJSTR staff for more details.


Is maid service included in the rent price?
  • Maid service is available for an additional fee.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly cleanings are: $100/visit for 1-2 bedroom units, $110/visit for 3-5 bedroom units.
  • Monthly cleanings are $100/visit for 1-2 bedroom units, $110/visit for 3-5 bedroom units.
  • Cleaning equipment (i.e. vacuum, mop) is provided in each apartment for tenants to use. Tenants need to purchase their own cleaning supplies.
  • For clients who stay over 3 months, a mandatory cleaning service is required at least once per quarter.


What else do I need to know?
  • 30 day written notice is required when vacating. Notice can be given for any day of the week except Sunday.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in any of the apartments.
  • Apartments are booked in a first-come, first-served manner based on the date the deposit is received.