Furnished Apartments in New Jersey with King-Size Beds

Here is a list of our temporary housing in New Jersey that include a king-size bed in the Master Bedroom:

Name of Unit# of Bedrooms# of BathroomsMonthly PriceDaily PriceKing Bed
Bridgewater – 1832$3,660$122Yes
Bridgewater – 2032$3,660$122Yes
Bridgewater – 3232$3,660$122Yes
Bridgewater – 932$3,660$122Yes
Bridgewater – 9432$3,660$122Yes
Piscataway – 39522$3,330$110Yes
Piscataway – 41422$3,330$111Yes
Somerset – 5622$3,330$111Yes
South Brunswick – 336111$2,940Yes
Woodbridge – 40421$3,300$110Yes