Furnished Apartments in New Jersey with Fitness Centers and/or Pools

Here are our short term rentals in New Jersey with Fitness Centers and Pools:

Name of Unit# of Bedrooms# of BathroomsMonthly PriceDaily PricePool and Fitness
East Brunswick – 16411$2,970$99Pool
East Brunswick – 8311$2,850$95Pool
North Brunswick – 11A21.5$3,330$110Both
North Brunswick – 121211$2,850Pool
North Brunswick – 122111$2,850Pool
North Brunswick – 27K21.5$3,450$115Both
North Brunswick – 40421$3,120Pool
North Brunswick – 43032.5$4,440$148Pool
North Brunswick – 60811$2,850Pool
Parlin – 10442.5$4,950$165Both
South Brunswick – 336111$2,940Both
Woodbridge – 140922$3,660$122Pool
Woodbridge – 60522$3,660$122Pool
Woodbridge – 80122$3,450$115Pool
Woodbridge – 80321.5$3,450$115Pool